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Hello!  I am here today to spread the word about t-shirt bags.  Are you familiar with them?  I learned about them from (who else?) Martha Stewart a few years ago.  Is it too much to say that they’ve changed my life?  Probably.  But I really really really love them.

I love that I can still keep those old, sentimental t-shirts around without them taking up valuable real estate in my itty-bitty closet.  I love that those shirts are now more useful than they ever were as a garment that I would only wear while cleaning my house.  I love that when I take them to the store I can be loud & proud of the fact that I love Tia Babe’s Mexican food in Santa Paula, California.  Or that I was indeed, on senior cabinet in high school.  And I really love that I get large, sturdy, reusable shopping bags that are made from 100% cotton and don’t cost me anything, instead of bags that I have to pay for and are often made from questionable plastics.  They are such a fantastic way to reuse something that would otherwise be tossed.

Oh!  I just thought of another good thing about these bags:  making them is a super forgiving project.  Straight cuts and sewing lines are not required.  This is one of those projects that takes 10 minutes or less and non-perfectionists are invited and encouraged to participate.  Those are my kind of projects!

Have I sold you on the idea of t-shirt bags yet?  If not, I’ll try one more.  How about making a custom trick-or-treat bag for a child you love from one of their old t-shirts?  (Ah!  Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween?)  Or, if trick-or-treating isn’t in your future, perhaps you could make a great library bag.  Martha has a nice tutorial on her website, but here’s a photographic version from me:

Items needed: a shirt, scissors, sewing machine.

Additional items needed if you want to applique: fusible web (I used Wonder-Under), iron, ironing board.  (Remember to read the directions thoroughly on your webbing, in case they differ from those shown below.)

Your t-shirt bag is now finished.  Easy as pie, right?  You can stop here or go on to add a bit of custom magic to your bag.  I chose designs that read a bit Halloween-y, but wouldn’t look completely out of place when we use them as library bags for the rest of the year.

Viola!  You now have a super cute and custom bag for your child.  Now go dig through your closets, pull out all your old t-shirts and get cutting.  Your shirts will be so happy to be back in your life.

What is your favorite way to reduce/reuse/recycle?

What simple items make your life easier?


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