Group Gifts for Our Teachers


Wow. I can’t thank you enough for your help yesterday with Tab’s teacher gift dilemma. I’m always overwhelmed, on days like yesterday, with how many amazing, thoughtful people I’ve met through this blog. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your comments and ideas.

I thought I’d share the group gifts we did or are doing for our teachers this year.
My son’s preschool teacher is going to be moving over the summer, so we picked up this Japanese maple for her to plant at her new place. Isn’t it pretty? We also had each of the kids paint a rock for her to put at the foot of the tree. They really enjoyed getting to do something for their adored teacher. We also found out about some software she’d been wanting, so we got that for her too.

For my daughter’s teacher, we had the wonderful admin at the office do a little spy work for us. We found out she loves the beach, so we’re pitching in for a Select Registry gift card. She can pick out any bed & breakfast she likes and get away for a weekend. I found this one in Monterey while browsing the registry. Isn’t it dreamy? We’re also planning to plaster her door with thank-yous on the last day.

Have you done any fun group gifts for teachers? I’d love to hear.


Divine Twine

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