Silhouette Checkbook Cover for Grandma


Today I’ve put together a gift idea for you that Grandma can keep in her purse and that involves pictures of her Grandchildren. I thought that might be a nice combo. And I also made a discovery in the process. Read on to hear more.

Here’s what you’ll need to make Grandma her own checkbook cover that features the silhouettes of her favorite people in the world, her grandchildren:
A scrap of fabric big enough to wrap around a checkbook cover
A scrap of colored felt
Fabric glue, like Liquid Stitch
A fabric marker or permanent marker, or fabric paint and a paintbrush
Embroidery thread or Divine Twine and a needle

I love getting Divine Twine in the mail. It makes for a happy mail day.

Start by cutting your fabric in a rectangle big enough to be the cover for grandma’s checkbook. Lay a checkbook cover flat, and cut around it, leaving an extra quarter inch on the sides for gluing, and adding an extra inch or two on the top and bottom to fold over the checkbook and make pockets for the back and front cover to slip into. Remember the way you used to cover your books in grade school? This is a little like that.

Cut out frame shapes from the felt and glue them where you’d like them.

Now it’s time to take some pictures of your kids to use for the silhouettes. Have your kids stand in front of a window and snap the picture with the window as backlighting. This will give you a stronger silhouette line than if you just take a regular indoor picture. Print the picture out at an appropriate size.

Place the picture behind the fabric and trace each silhouette with a pencil. I taped my picture and my fabric to a window so I could easily see the outline. Bring the fabric off the window and trace the profile again with a fabric or permanent marker. Here’s a little tip on technique: be sure to keep the marker moving. If you stop to hold still the ink will bleed a little more into the fabric and make an unsightly blob.

Fill in the silhouettes with the marker or with fabric paint. Now here is my fun discovery. Did you know you can embroider with Divine Twine? I’m so excited about the possibilities! I pulled out two threads of my licorice twine and used the remaining two to embroider a little hanger for my frames. I thought it added a nice final touch.

Finally, flip the fabric over and glue the sides together to make the pockets that the checkbook covers will slide into.

After you’ve given your project a day or two to dry, send it off to grandma with a note of love.

And once you’ve gone to the trouble of making silhouettes of your kids, you can get creative and make other goodies for mom’s or grandma’s purse. Like maybe a set of calling cards and matchbook notebooks featuring the same silhouettes. Any other fun ideas of things to do with silhouettes? I’d love to hear.

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