13 Ounces or Less


The postal workers have been seeing more of me lately. I’ve discovered that you can stick postage on just about anything and the good people of the USPS will mail it for you. I have walked in there with two pretty small packages and a round package and I have yet to stump them.

My favorite is when the package weighs 13 ounces or less. I hand them my package and wait in suspense while they flop it onto their scale. If it’s under 13 ounces I try not to act too excited, then I send it off first class and pay only a buck or two. Really, a buck or two to send something delightful anywhere in the U.S.? A buck or two so I can have a SIL open her mailbox and find a sweet little round box jumbled in with all her more serious mail? I’m curious about weight limits elsewhere? Australia? Europe?

I’m very wrapped up in this idea, and decided to add a whole new category to my gift guide. Visit here and you will find several gifts that weigh 13 ounces or less from clever bloggers and shopkeepers out there. Word of warning, the category is based on estimates from my own brain. I did not pull out an official postal scale.

And incase you don’t find enough in the gift guide, check back tomorrow. I’ll share several other favorites that I estimate weigh in under 13 ounces.

What have you mailed for 13 ounces or less?

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