5 Ways to Wrap a Gift Card


I always worry about gift cards in paper envelopes on Christmas. I hate to send them off like that, among all the bigger presents. I worry they may not be able to hold their own during all the excitement on Christmas morning. So here are a few ideas for putting them in something that’s less likely to get thrown out with the wrapping.

This is my long-time go-to for wrapping a gift card, one of the $1 frames I pick up when I develop photos.

I love pillow boxes, and they’re so quick and easy to make. Download a template here.

Just a little something I created from a cream carton. Do you like it?

Fabric envelopes are the best. I cut this from a sheet of felt and glued with fabric glue. It took me ten minutes. That’s my kind of fabric project. (Can you tell I’m having fun with my new baker’s twine?)

This is my new favorite thing. It’s made from a milk carton and meant as a sandwich holder. (I’m saving all my milk cartons now and using this for everything, from packing lunches to care packages to organizing every drawer in my house.)

And for more inspiration for giving gift cards, don’t miss Gift Card Girlfriend. Shelly has put together several thoughtful ideas for presenting gift cards. (I love her idea of giving a family the iPhone geocaching app and a list of caches in their neighborhood. So thoughtful.)

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