Gifts for Teachers: Last Minute and More


I love getting the inside scoop from teachers about what their job is really like. Maybe it’s the little girl in me who had that itching curiosity about what it must be like in the teachers’ lounge. Whatever the reason, between my own nosiness in talking to teachers and great posts like this one and this one with real live teachers weighing in, I’ve run across some fun teacher gift ideas. Here are some favorites. If you need a few more stop by my teacher gift guide page.

-handmade gifts for teachers1. I really like the idea of giving this book, and love these beautiful, free printable book plates to add a personal touch.
2. Gift cards. There are some occasions that gift cards were invented for, I believe this is one of them. Nothing too elaborate, just a nice chance to go to dinner or buy a book on tape. Give it in a pretty pocket case, this one will do nicely.
3. Something handmade by your child. This is a must. Even if it’s a note. I completely adore these spirograph pushpins and button pushpins.
4. A gift certificate for calling cards. Because if the school provides any, they are not this pretty.
5. Handmade heated rice bags like these (via One Pretty Thing), which kept coming up in the comments from this post.
6. Classroom supplies (not pictured). I just think about how excited I get about school supplies, and I don’t even have a real-life excuse to use them. Try to hint around and find out what the teacher might really like for the classroom, and consider going in with other parents.

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