-homemade piggie banksI mentioned in this morning’s post that we have homemade piggie banks around here. This is as of last year, when we discovered that old spice jars make perfect piggie banks. This discovery came after a broken ceramic piggie and an afternoon of tears.

Of course, spice jars are plastic or thick glass, and therefore more shatterproof and tearproof than your traditional ceramic pig, but also, they have a double lid. You can take off one lid to put money in, or take off both to take money out. And spice jars are portable, which makes them very easy to grab on the way out the door to the grocery store, where my kids occasionally convince me that they should be allowed to spend a quarter on a sticky hand or plastic alien from one of those little vending machines that are conveniently at their height.

So here was our solution. We washed out a few old spice jars and took off the labels. I used a craft knife to cut a coin slit in the shaker lid of the jars. Then I printed off some labels (on to labels like these,which look like quite the bargain) and stuck them on. Nice and easy. We made a few jars for divvying up different kids of savings.

I’ll include a couple printables incase you’d like to leave a piggie bank in a preschooler’s stocking this Christmas. Or mail one with a couple dollars inside for a birthday surprise.

Paper Piggie Bank, pink and orange (1561)
Paper Piggie Bank, blue and green (1375)

-homemade piggie banks free labels2

-homemade piggie banks free labelsprinting and cutting the labels

-craft knifegetting handy with my craft knife

-homemade piggie banks2the finished product

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