Woa now, these weeks are coming a little too fast.

Here’s the wrap-up of what I did and didn’t quite get done from my holiday checklist last week.

Nice: Two types of cookie dough are in the freezer!
Naughty: No appetizers yet. Those will have to come this week.
Nice: I made a pretty awesome list of the handmade gifts I’ll be making this year.
Naughty: I didn’t actually buy the supplies (eek!)
Nice: I finally ordered a giant stack of big red envelopes and got my cards started. Not done, but started.

But it’s all good, because this is Week 10: Catch up Week (If you missed the full list, you can get it here.) Which is good because I need it. Plus, seriously, it’s time to imbibe in some tricky, spooky Halloween fun. So here’s the lighter agenda for the week:
10 week check in L

10 week check in R

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