Okay seamstresses, help me out. I’ve always been a believer in not buying an artist (or any hobbyist) supplies for her work. Because, come on, she could do a lot better picking out those things for herself. That said, I do think there are some options that don’t really involve supplies and would really make a girl happy. What do you think of these?

Idea #1

goat leather thiball A couple things from this list from The Purl Bee, like maybe the goat leather thimble or glasshead pins or custom tags.

Idea #2

vintage buttonsvintage trimsA bagful of vintage buttons or a few fun vintage trims (photos via inside a black apple and inchmark). Or maybe just a big card of buttons like this one from here.

Idea #3
pin cushions

A pin cushion. Like this handmade one or this awesome but out-of-my-price-range ring (found via here). (See my pin cushion roundup for more.)

Idea #4
weekend-sewing-book for seamstress

A fun book. Like Weekend Sewing or The Gentle Art of Domesticity or Button it up. Or really anything reviewed at The Purl Bee.

Idea #5

tickets gift for the seamstress

Tickets to some kind of craft or clothing show (check out a few that might be in your area here).

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