We actually had a calm morning today. I think it’s because my hubbie stuck around to hold the baby while I packed lunches. I kept waiting for the chaos to start, but it never did. We just walked out the door, calmly, and on time. Wow. We enjoyed the walk to school and I noticed a lot of rustling leaves under our feet. And we wore jackets.  I think I am starting to believe fall is coming.

I found a little time this morning to add to one of my gift guides: wicked cool gifts for kids. Check it out here. Have you seen any birthday gifts lately that are particularly, wickedly cool? If so, please share!

And while you’re thinking, I have another proposition for you. I’d like to swap ideas with you for kids’ holiday gifts on this blog. So I will get to work arranging a week when we can do that. I saw a list today of a mom who was planning kid gifts like a Guiness Book of World Records,  gear for playing cricket, hoola hoops, and a tea set. It got me thinking how I’d like to hear what everyone will be giving. Wouldn’t you?

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