what would you want in your JUST-DELIVERED-A-BABY BAG?


I had a great baby surprise this morning. I met two friends for our regular run, but when we turned the corner to run through the park, I was met by several friends, standing around a table laid out with breakfast and flowers, under a tree decorated with baby goodies. It was 6 a.m, so I was more than a little surprised. I felt very loved.

011On the topic of making new moms feel loved, I really enjoyed this idea from Brooke of Inchmark. She and some friends put this bag together for a their expectant friend to take to the hospital for delivery. It includes a hospital gown that’s better than the hospital’s version (wouldn’t that be nice?) Just heading out the door with this bag would make you feel so supported. And I’m trying to remember what little luxuries I wanted after delivery. It’s been a few years. Brooke included chap stick and mint gum among other treats, which would definitely come in handy.babyshower1

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