O! How I wish the idle days of summer would last forever. School starts here while it’s still blazing hot outside, and it just seems wrong to send my daughter off to school with her pigtails and new backpack in the sweltering August heat instead of the crisp September air. But Target and Walmart are having their back-to-school sales, and since we have a baby coming the same time that school starts (ahh! so much to do!), I thought it wiser to get prepared instead of staying in my ignorant summer bliss. I began my back-to-school prep slowly this weekend by browsing drinking bottles.
Sigg personalized photo water bottle

Have you seen the new SIGG skins? You can order a stick-on, peel-off skin for your Sigg water bottle with your favorite pic (first seen here).

cute kids water bottles1: Stainless steel 10 oz. drinking bottles from Land of Nod (only $9.95!)
2: Personalized 20 oz. aluminum water bottles from here
3: The 12 oz. version of the klean canteen
4: Foogo 12 oz Straw Bottles
5: Tyrrell Katz drinking bottles available here or here
6: Pumpkin Petunia’s new personalized bottles
Jo-Ann of Pumpkin Pentunia has generously offered 10% off your entire purchase. ┬áJust enter code “giverslog” to receive the discount. Thanks, Jo-Ann!
7: Shinzi Katoh drinking bottles available here or here
one more UPDATE: Just saw these over at Cookie and had to throw them in the mix.
cute water bottles

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Pumpkin Petunia July 27, 2009 at 10:39 am

Thanks so much for your nice mention of our new personalized water bottles! In turn, I would love to offer your readers 10% off their entire purchase. Just enter code “giverslog” to receive the discount!


A Magical Childhood July 28, 2009 at 8:57 am

We got Sigg bottles for all the kids a few years ago through a coop. They’re cute and I liked the idea of them being safer but we’ve sure had a lot of issues. The lids are flimsy and the caps broke off pretty quickly. The outsides of several dented and the paint on the outside is chipping on some. I got the sport top on mine and just can’t get used to drinking out of the metal top, and my oldest daughter says the water has an off taste. It was a lot of money even at the coop prices (we have 4 kids) and I’m not sure it was worth it for how often we use them. I have heard concerns about the metal from bottles like Klean Kanteen, and obviously concerns about plastic. I wish there were a clear answer — and that they weren’t quite so spendy! They’re all certainly cute though. :)


AmberLee July 28, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Thanks, Alicia! This is really good to know. I’ve really been wanting to buy something that we can use day-in and -out for years to come. I appreciate having someone who’s tried these out.


esther August 3, 2009 at 3:04 pm

yup. the bottles are labelled industructible but its not really the case. they do get dented very quickly and the kids could peel the paint off flake by flake. They don’t leak but they don’t look great after a while. Furthermore, like most kids, they chew on their bottles if you get those with the sport spout. IT will look unslightly after a while but they are quite tough and don’t give way. so that’s a consolation but i think for kids, its still better to give them normal drinking bottles than spout tops because of the chewing phases that they go through.


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