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I hope the ideas in this post help with what you’re looking for. You can also find dozens more of my favorite farewell gift ideas here, in the farwell section of my gift guide page.

moving away day gift breakfast

It’s one of the only down sides of summer, friends moving away to get settled in their new home before the business of the new school year. Kinda hard, but here are a few farewell ideas to make the day as nice as possible.

I love that Design Mom’s neighbors organized a moving day breakfast when she moved from New York recently. Really nice not to have to worry about what to feed your children when your kitchen is packed away. (Get the pictured bagel recipe here.) Plus, while your neighborhood is at the breakfast, you can put everyone to work on the next gift…
farewell gifts for moving awayrow 1:
-Love this idea: get “an empty notebook, put a friend’s picture on each page, and asked them to write/draw/staple/do whatever they wanted to their page.”
-Something yummy that is hard to get anywhere else. In my little town that would be anything with satsuma mandarin oranges, like this marmelade.
row 2:
-Gift certificate for a personalized address stamp or a tag for pets with the new address.
-Snacks to eat while unpacking (via here).
-Gift certificate to a restaurant or coffee house where they’ll be moving, like this one if they happen to be moving to San Francisco (also via here).
row 3:
-Homemade instant soup mix other ready-to-go meal to get them started before their kitchen is unpacked (also via here).
-A very handy screw driver.
row 4:
-A kit of everything they might forget to leave out and will need at their new home (like these): hand soap, can opener, light bulbs, batteries, pizza coupons, a few basic cleaning supplies
row 5:
-Stationary, with the first envelope addressed and stamped to you.
-Seeds or a plant for putting down roots in their new place (photo of seed tape via here).

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I’ve thrown together a new gift guides page, incase you’re like me and like to see as many ideas as possible in one glance.

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