My daughter had her first formal violin recital this weekend. I wanted a kid-made gift to give the teacher along with a boquet. And, really, could there be anything more fun for kids to help make than sugar cookies? Luckily Sur La Table has every cookie cutter you could or couldn’t imagine (even more in-store than online). So that was easy. But I found myself the morning of the recital with homemade cookies and no bakery box. So we got to work improvising one with a gift bag and a piece of cardboard the same size as the bottom of the bag.

1-last-minute-teacher-gifts2-homemade-gift-box3-handmade-teacher-gifts-from-kidsWe just cut down the bag, snipped the corners halfway down and folded them in, then added the cardboard wrapped in parchment paper. We added a little celephnae and we were off. Phew.

And I have to say thanks to a few favorite blogs where I’ve been featured over the past month or so. Some of these are like lifeblood to me! So if you haven’t checked them out be sure you do, just click on the banner.

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