I find panniers to be so romantic. More so if there’s a handsome man steering them around town with a baguette and bouquet of flowers peeking out the top. Right now my husband’s bike has a child seat on the back, but someday…someday.

1-panniers-and-gifts-for-cyclistsRoll-up panniers available here.

I’ve been going a little crazy checking out bike accessories the last few days, and thought I’d share a few favorites.

1-pashley-handlebar-bag-fine-gifts-for-himThe Cylinder Bag from Electra.

1-bicycle-messenger-bags-for-himThe Cyclobag from Tintamar. Via Quirkybags.

1-bicycle-tees-for-him-bikeI’m a huge fan of Chris Piascik’s work. His design on the left. Tee on the right available here.

1-bicycle-panniers-for-himThe Dutch Shopper Pannier Set, from Axiom.

1-bike-accessories-for-him-tourboxThe hard case Tourbox by Ortlieb.

bike-bell-for-himVery fun bike bells.

1-bike-bells-gifts-for-cyclistsFor those who like little less subtlety than a bike bell, the Ecoblast blow horn. Runs on air from its own hand pump.

1-bicycle-book-gift-for-cyclistsRoad bike maintenance book. Came highly recommended as a road companion here.

1-fathers-day-gifts-for-adventureresThe Bushnell backtrack navigation system. Start anywhere on the planet and this handy tool will get you back to where you started. Also available in girlie colors.

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Kynthia June 3, 2010 at 11:57 am

These roll up paniers are absolutely beautiful, but too pricey for me…
I wonder if I could try making something similar. Have you ever tried a DIY panier?


bit of green March 2, 2011 at 10:34 am

Hello AmberLee!
Remember my previous post here? (that was the first time I visited your site, too :) I didn’t know it would be one of my favorite crafting sites!)
I actually did make those roll up paniers as I said back in June!
We made them with my dad, actually :) Tell me what do you think!


zeev November 28, 2011 at 3:22 pm

anyone know of a bicycle seat i can clamp onto the top tube for a small female?
there are kids bucket seats online for this purpose ( front child seat) but im looking for a flat non bucket seat clamp on


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