We’ve had an exciting development here this week.

chickensWe are the proud owners of five laying Rhode Island Reds. We came into a bit of a jackpot when a mom I met needed to find a home for these hens. The kids have been out to check on our new friends several times a day, and my daughter is thrilled that our egg basket is actually getting to carry eggs. Actually, I think all of us feel like we’ve gained a little more country cred.

I’ve been pretty excited about the possibilities with fresh eggs—eggs benedict, huevos rancheros, a BLT-E. But one of my favorites is a simple soft boiled egg (with asparagus if possible). It reminds me of my dad and Germany. So here are a few breakfast and egg favorites for you to enjoy.egg-cups

row one: egg cups from here and here, and ceramic egg crate from here
row two: crochet egg warmer DIY here, egg basket from here, and linen egg warmer DIY here

simply-breakfast-bookAnd to go with your beautiful egg accessories, Simply Breakfast. Buy and preview the book here, from here (the photos are amazing).

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