I hope you had a great mother’s day. We did. I didn’t fully understand, growing up, what an honor it is to be part of this club of womenhood. Now to join this group who leaves notes in lunches and goes to school board meetings and looks out for neighbors, it’s like a shirt I never thought would fit and am so thrilled to see it does.

mothers-day-surprisesI’ve was surprised with a little Mother’s Day treat from a fellow mom. I hope I remember to try this next year. What a great little rally of support. I think it is so completely wonderful. We munched on our treat outside in the amazing spring weather. My hubbie mowed a crooked race trail through our field which the kids took at full speed. And, since it was the perfect weather for lawn games, we decided to make one of our own: giant pick up sticks.

diy-giant-pickup-sticksWe started with 5/16-inch dowels. The only problem is they need a tapered end, or during the game you will have a rough time picking up the final few sticks. If you can get your hands on a belt sander this will be a quick job. I did 16 dowels in under ten minutes, and was careful to make them tapered but not sharp.


We used acrylic paint that was slightly watered down to paint both ends of the dowels. For pick up sticks proper you need 1 black (25 points), 7 red (10 points), 7 blue (5 points), 8 green (2 points), and 7 yellow (1 point). But we took some artistic liberties.

giant-pick-up-sticksI put together a quick canvas carrying bag, and then we were ready for a little friendly competition.


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I’ve thrown together a new gift guides page, incase you’re like me and like to see as many ideas as possible in one glance.

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