QUARTER ROLL CARD with free printable


quarter-roll-birthday-card-giftLately we’ve been looking for simple birthday surprises that my 6-year-old can help me make. Our latest was a twist on the old birthday standby, the roll of quarters. This was for a 6th birthday so we used one of my absolute favorite poems by A.A. Milne from his anthology Now We Are Six. (Which is, in itself, a fantastic birthday gift).

If you’d like to use the same template, I’ll post the file for download

Now We Are Six Card (919)

free-printable-birthday-card-quartersquarter-roll-birthday-gift-cardmy 6-year-old loves wrapping,
so wrapping each stack of quarters was a good outlet

quarter-roll-birthday-giftwe rolled a stack of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, quarters,
for a grand birthday gift total of $5.25


love this book, photo from here

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