I’m Going to Alt (any conference-going wisdom?)


AmberLee alt

I am headed to ALT summit this year.

And am beyond excited.

It will be my first time at ALT. And my first blogger conference ever.

Though not my first conference ever. Back in my pre-mommy years, when I was in the textbook publishing biz, I was sent to conferences with all the other assistant editors. We’d be ushered to after-dinner parties with a list of higher-ups we were instructed to
say hello to.

It was a great exercise for a girl like me, because as you know,

I am a hopeless introvert. It was just the prodding I needed to make the most of things, ready or not!

Have you been to a conference before? to ALT? What are you glad you knew? What do you wish you knew?

I have one more piece of news to share with you, of a more personal nature. I am thinking it is going to make putting together a wardrobe for ALT a little more interesting.

(p.s. fashion advice welcomed! fashion is so not my strong suit. punn kind of intended. And I did listen in on an ALT fashion class by this lovely and stylin lady yesterday and it was hugely helpful!)

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