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amberlee 2013

I have news. Brent and I are expecting baby #4.

My 90-year-old grandpa says we are infanticipating. The word works, i think. We could not feel more excited or grateful as we anticipate the coming change in our lives.

And it has left me thinking a few things.
1 :: Before I ever had my first child, a wise woman I adore said about having children, “You can never be ready, you can only be willing,”
2 :: which is sage wisdom when you consider what the job entails. This clip had me in tears, laughing with tears. For days.
3 :: Morning sickness is just winding down for me.  I find this has left me feeling that I could conquer the world! if necessary. Somehow I always feel like living through morning sickness is one of my greatest accomplishments ever. All I did was survive. But it leaves me feeling like such a woman. Watch out world.
4 :: I haven’t cooked for months. I am so ready to cook.
5 :: Holy moly I still have a child to finish potty training. Good thing for item no. 3.

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