Halloween Goodies turned Advent Calendar


┬áThis is a little family tradition of ours. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was young enough to wear one-piece peter rabbit pajamas.

It is a tradition I decided to start for our kids after the first Halloween they came home and did this:
[ That pic was taken many long years ago. That little tubster of a baby
is now my 2nd grader. Watch out, mamas. They grow up fast!]

We let the kids go a little crazy on Halloween night. And we explain to them that crazy means, like, four pieces of candy. Okay maybe five. Okay one more tootsie roll and then you’re brushing your teeth and going to bed. I mean it!

Then the next day, we have them each count out 25 pieces of candy.

And we cut out a zillion little squares of wrapping paper.
Then we get wrapping.
This project would easily work with non-sugar goodies too. But we are guilty of always using our Halloween loot.

Once you have all your mini packages wrapped, you can number them or not number them. As a kid I used to always like to start small in early December and finish big.

Then you can either hang them from a bough, which was our old-school method.
This does require some knot tying, which my kids are still way slow at. So, out of sheer laziness, we discovered that our little packages looked great under a teeny tree.

And I don’t know about your house, but at our house this advent is accompanied by at least three or four or five other advents. The good news is that we will not ever accidentally overlook Christmas.

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