Handmade Holiday Organizer (updated for 2013)


Are you ready for holiday mode?

I’m not even going to answer that question.

but it is going to be so worthwhile, digging into the holiday to-do list now, to make December calm enough to celebrate, to really celebrate. That is my goal each year.

I was going to wait to post this until Monday, but I’ve gotten a few emails and comments and wanted to post as soon as I had it ready.

Visit here to download this year’s 2013 Handmade Holiday Organizer

And feel free to follow along with me on Pinterest to see all my holiday favorites.

I’m digging in this week! It’s a tad earlier than last year, but that means the checklist will be totally done and completed two whole days before Christmas. That felt best for me. I am feeling jolly just thinking about it.

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