Finding Your Niche


I heard this once on a lecture from here and it never left my mind (if anyone else has heard this and knows the exact lecture, please tell so I can give credit!)

a market need + your knack (or ability) = a job that will make you some bucks, but maybe not make you satisfied

your interests + a market need = fun job that may never take off

your interests + your knack = a hobby

 + + + + + +


your interests + your knack + a market need = magic. this is where you find your career. your contribution.

I’ve been thinking about this lately, and also been thinking how this piece of my life sort of shifts the whole equation:

What are your thoughts? Have you ever taken low pay to do something you love? Have you ever made bank at a job that you couldn’t bring yourself to enjoy? Is a job even a place to to look for satisfaction? What about life balance? Would love to hear what you’re thinking.






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