A Disposable Camera is 13 oz or less


Earlier this week my son and I were out doing a little shopping when we came across a bargain. I am still a sucker for an old school disposable camera. It takes me back to summer camp and the last day of the school year in middle school. And while I love and adore and cling to my DSLR as one of my greatest earthly possessions, you have to admit there is something about having all those pictures waiting inside the camera that has its charm.

We picked up a pair of cameras and thought we’d mail them to a pair of our favorite people.
I considered mailing them out of box, as is, and think I might have if they’d been going to someone a little older than 12. I would love to see any creative photographic work by postal workers. But to be safe for our little friends, we decided to mail these in bubble wrap, back to back.
It might be possible that we took a few photos of our own before wrapping them up.

The benefit of sending two cameras, besides the possibility that we were sending this to two people and they each might like a camera of their own, is this little trick. I’ve heard that by lining a couple cameras up just so, you can try shooting in 3-D. Check out the tutorial here, along with how to view your 3-D masterpieces. The 3-D camera set up:
So there it is. One package, two cameras, and just a few surprises waiting to come out during development.

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