Petal Scarf how-to (and Scarf Party!)


I knew my little house was going to need to be in ship shape for Thanksgiving houseguests, so I decided to take full advantage of it and throw a party the night before they arrived.

Not a real, actual party. I’m not crazy.

But a craft night for my daughter and five other cute chatty girls.

Who are just at the age where they are comletely impressed with anything I do and are fully cluless if I haven’t managed to bleach the kitchen sink or put matching hand towels in the bathroom.

 A few weeks before Thanksgiving my daughter and I picked out some fleece on sale, then the two of us spent a couple nights clipping while watching documentaries on PBS and the Singoff.

We set out all our stacks of circles. Along with popcorn and apple juice. When the girls arrived, all they had to do was pick out their favorite colors, assemble their a pattern, snip a few slits, and string everything together.
The timing was perfect. It took the girls about 45 minutes to chat and snip and assemble. Once they were all done, I sewed up the edges in a few minutes flat, which left just enough time for them to chase eachother giggling down the hallway and make a few mini caramel apples to gobble down. And we sent home a group of happy, cozy, well-insulated girls.

Petal Scarf How-To
1/2 to 3/4 yard fleece per scarf
a little thread (optional)
a good pair of sewing scissors

1. Use a lid to cut circles on the fold of the fleece as shown. We found for a little girl scarf, 20-25 circles is just right.
2. Snip a slit through each folded circle of fleece, through both layers, as shown. Leave one circle with no slit.
3. Begin with the first circle and keep it folded in half.
4. Choose the second circle, or link, open it up and thread it through the hole of the first circle, then fold it together again so both layers line up.
5. Now repeat with the next circle, and on and on until you reach about 20 circles.
6. Your very last circle will be the circle with no slit. Thread it through, fold it together so both layers line up, then stich a quick seam along half of the circle so it is sewn closed.

Or if you prefer not to sew, cut a few fringes along the edge and tie them together. Do the same on the beginning circle so both ends of the scarf match.
The end. Don’t you love your new scarf? And please, tell, what are your favorite ideas for a quick, low-key excuse to get together during the holidays?

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