Introducing Tres Tazas, Venezuela


You may or may not have been around long enough to know a little detail about me. One of the reasons I love me some good latino music and adore pretty pinatas and latino fare is because I am part Venezolana.

I spent the beginning of my childhood in the most picturesque town tucked into the Andes right above lake Maracaibo. Much of my family is still there. Here is one of my favorite pics with my dad as a boy on their property. The place is actual tropical paradise.
 So our newest Ticket Stick is particularly near and dear to me.

We cooked up a little plan this summer. We decided that each year for the next three years, we’ll be introducing a limited-source chocolate from a South American country. We’re calling the line Tres Tazas.
 And after receiving feedback from our testers, we’ve decided this year to bring Tres Tazas of…

70% bittersweet Venezuelan chocolate to your mug.

So why Venezuelan chocolate? Venezuela cultivates the world’s finest and most revered cacao. It’s a type of cacao bean called criollo. It represents only 1% of cacao grown around the world. And it is good stuff. In fact, just down the hill from my Venezuelan home, at Lake Maracaibo, is the spot some believe to be the cradle of the world’s first cacao, and the spot where this fine cacao is grown to this day.
Fine cacao has hundreds of flavor compounds that emerge naturally as you taste. Our Venezuelan chocolate is a well-rounded bittersweet chocolate, it has a moderate to low bitterness and features flavor notes of classic cocoa, warm spices, raisins, and  lightly green bananas. Mmm. I think I’m going to go have a mug right now.

We have have it available in our shop as of today. We are offering only a limited edition run, as the cacao we use is rare and has limited availability. So if you are a bittersweet fan, now is your chance. We plan to be able to produce one more batch before the holidays, too. So if it goes, stay tuned.

Speaking of the holidays, how are you coming with your holiday plans? I am scurrying along, trying to weigh out what I’ll be making and buying. How about you?

A big thank you to Suann of Simplesong (one of my long time design heroes) and Vané of Brooklyn Bride for their kind mentions. Thank you, ladies, you made my week. And if you have a moment, we have one more taster who snapped a few pics and shared her experience on her (adorable) blog. Thanks, Elle!

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