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I love a good, simple project that I can turn out in one afternoon. The kind I can have finished and cleaned up while my creative mojo is still flowing. No loose ends to tie up later and no guilt about trying to get it done! Are you with me?

Good. Because as part of the relaunch (doesn’t it look great?), Blogstar has gathered a few of us girls together to bring you not one, but ten simple, pretty Sunday afternoon crafts.

The slideshow is packed full with some to-die-for projects from absolute favorite bloggers, including the cool, the adorable Erin of Design for Mankind and the talented, the styling Liz of Say YES! to Hoboken. Are you sold or what?

Just go browse the slideshow and click away on any project that turns your head.

And just to add a little icing on the cupcake, click on the first frame right here to get $10 credit to when you click to subscribe to their emails. Just click, sign up, and the $10 credit is yours. Thank you Kirtsy, Giggle, and Blogstar!

As a little extra nudge, here’s a peek at my project, silkscreen frame pillowcases.
It was something I’ve had in the back of my head forever, and it turned out to be super simple and quick. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Get the full how-to right here, and check out the other 9 lovely projects right here. And peek at today’s slideshow while you’re at it.

And don’t leave without your $10 credit to!

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