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My son’s school does an amazing job at teacher appreciation week next week. Every teacher’s door gets decorated, teachers get a cup of coffee or juice from a parent every morning, on Monday, each student is encouraged to bring a flower so every teacher ends up with a boquet, and students bring in sweet notes all week long. I think it is all so thoughtful.

After doing a few teacher appreciation posts over the years, I’ve learned from teachers (who have been so great to leave comments, thank you!) that the things they love most are notes from students, and that maybe, at the end of the year, a gift card is not a bad thing either. My kids always love making something for their teachers, so we often try to come up with something that can be used up, and won’t end up in a stockpile of gifts. If you’re looking for a few ideas, you can check out my post of 50 gifts kids can make for teachers, or browse more teacher ideas right here.

In the meantime, here are a few favorites of mine from the inspiration board.

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(p.s. I lost a few links in inspiration board posts during some web development . nightmare!! If you see a post with no link and recognize where the project came from, pleeeeeease email the link along to amberfawson at gmail dot com. I’d love to restore links to all these great projects. Or email and ask me. I might be able to hunt it down.)

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