Personalized Hot Chocolate Spoons + Coupon


I want to say a big, giant THANK YOU to everyone who supported our shop during its first weekend. We’ve had so much support and great feedback. And we have gotten some very fun flavor suggestions too, like coconut curry (thanks, Rebecca!!) which I am totally planning to try out this weekend.

We’ve had such a great response, in fact, that the coupon we thought would last through Valentines day will probably run out in the next few days. We’re offering $5 off for the first 250 through the doors of our online shop. So if you still want your $5 off, act fast (enter $5off on the last page of Google checkout).

And this Thursday is the final day we’re taking orders on our Silverplate Spoons with guaranteed Valentines delivery. Place an order and we’ll email you and ask you what message you’d like stamped on your vintage sliverplate spoon. We then put your spoon in a block of our gourmet chocolate, so the message will slowly reveal itself as you stir the spoon and the chocolate slumps off into your steaming milk.

My dream is for someone to write “Marry Me” on the spoon. How cool would that be? If that ever happens I will press for details and tell you all about it.
Stick around. I have some Valentines fun around the corner, including a printable I’ve been wanting to do since last Valentines day. See you again soon.

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