Thank You


Hello, everyone. I’ve missed you. Thanks for being patient while I was away.

Now that we are only moments from our grand opening. I feel like I need to say thanks to couple people.

I could go for pages about my family and my super friends, including my husband slash CFO slash laundry folder, my dad who called me yesterday to see if we were maybe launching right at midnight (love you, Dad!), and all the rest of my awesome family, including my siblings who are all brilliant and so I have to call them and ask them lots of questions about everything.

And thanks to all of you. I have been fully inspired by your support. I could not gush enough about this. It has been one of the things that has made this journey most enjoyable. No kidding.

And I have to say a big, giant thank you!! to our team of chocolate tasters. They were pro. All of them were so wonderful, and, ahem, very discerning. Thanks team! One of these wonderful women, who also happens to be a great photographer, and also happens to be adorable, emailed me with pictures.  Lindsay, I love them. I also loved reading what she (and everyone else) said,

“Taste testing was a hit with our friends! What a blast. It made me want to have tasting parties all the time.”

So until I come back a little later in the day to make my big announcement, I’ll leave you with a few of Lindsay’s pics. (Don’t you love the mugs? They’re sake cups.) You can see these pics on her blog too, right here.

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