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Today help me welcome artist, illustrator, designer, and world’s best Halloween costume maker, Merrilee of Mer Mag. I adore following the adventures of Merrilee and her husband and two boys on her blog. She throws parties that are absolutely. unforgettable (and rocking family reunions too). She also gives great gifts and packages them up perfectly. You can pick up prints of her work at her shop or commission a portrait for some very lucky person in your life. And now I’ll leave you to Merrilee.


If I could sneak a little something into Santa’s sleigh for all of you it would have to be a Hobo International wallet. My personal favorite is the Lauren wallet in Flint Metallic Leather. I love how much these things can hold. They have so many little pockets and compartments and yet still manage to look sleek (even with all the kazillions of supermarket cards I stuff into it!). I love how you can put your essentials right in the middle where it opens up, making it easy to have what you need on hand (no digging for that credit card when you are trying to make it quickly through the checkout with an anxious toddler who only wants to push the buttons on the self pay machine…). I’ve had mine for years and every time I try to switch over to another wallet I just can’t do it. I still love what it looks like worn and generously used. I do however think it might be getting close to time for another…guess I’ll have to take it up with the man with the bag…

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Danielle Spangler December 9, 2010 at 4:25 pm

How do you know Merrilee????? We were in the same ward in TN when they lived there!!!! SMALL world!!!! She is amazingly talented. I am not the surprised that you know each other!!


Maggie December 9, 2010 at 11:46 pm

Okay, so I just had to comment and thank you for mentioning this wallet. I’ve been searching for a replacement for months and months and this one looked perfect. Checked it out in the store today, loved it and got it. I’m embarrassed to be buying myself a present so close to Christmas but have been shopping for one for months so went ahead. Thanks again!


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