Shoot-Along Gift Idea: Photo Calendars


I don’t think there is a better gift you can give grandma and grandpa than a photo calendar with pics of all their adored grandkids. (Except for maybe an edible bouquet. I’m serious, my grandparents love those.)  Below, a little inspiration to get you started.

Have you downloaded the 2011 Shutter Sisters calendar yet? I used the 2010 version last year and I love it. You prop up your calendar with an empty CD crystal. Totally brilliant.

If you’d like to have a calendar printed rather than print one yourself, I love this option from one of my favorite stationers, Night Owl Paper GoodsPhoto Holiday cards do double duty as a card and a calendar.

Loved the idea of a pocket calendar last year. Maybe a 2011 version is on the way?

And a little more inspiration from last year to get you thinking, a pretty idea from Martha.

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