Sticky Note Advent


I mentioned I’m up visiting the fam? Well my dad has been spoiling me with early Christmas food. For us that is lots of yummy Venezuelan dinners, and we even gave in and spent one day listening to Christmas tunes. I am in the spirit.

So I am back with this year’s edition of the sticky note advent. You can see last year’s version here. This year’s has a new light appear on the string for each day Christmas gets nearer.

Either download from DropBox by clicking here: Printable Advent Calendar

or download here: Free Printable: Sticky Note Advent Calendar (3303)

Here is what you need to do to have your own sticky note advent.
1. Download.
2. Print on regular paper.
3. Stick a note to each square. Attach the loose side of the sticky note with a teeny piece of double sided tape.
4. Print again, this time with notes attached.
That’s it, you’re done. Stack them up to peel off one by one, line them up around your computer monitor, put one in your kiddos’ lunch each day, or stick each one to a piece of chocolate, which is my favorite option.

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