Handmade Gift Guest: Cristina of Superkitina


Today we are wrapping up our handmade gift retreat. I am trying not to be sad to see it end, because I have something new and wonderful around the corner. And also because we are ending on just the right note with the charming and wonderful Cristina of Superkitina and of Bueno, Bonito y Barato (and check out her flickr here, love her self portraits here).

Cristina is an interior designer and student in Madrid. She is also the friend who introduced me to Pinterest (follow her, her pins are fantastic). Today she’s here to tell about a simple sweet gift, so I’ll let her share. Thanks, Cristina!


I made this little artpice for my little niece. It was made with old magazines, paper, and a glass box from ikea. I gave it to her when she only had 1 one day of life and I went to the hospital to see her for the first time. Now she is a little girl but she has this in her room. I think this is the most special handmade gift I made, because is my first niece and I really love her.

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