The Perfect Caramel Apple, continued


Since making this discovery, I’ve gotten some great tips about making beautiful caramel apples that I thought you’d like to hear. I think this weekend is going to call for another batch of caramel. (You can get my tried and true recipe here.)

“As someone who makes chocolate/caramel apples for a living, I can tell you that to keep your caramel from slipping and sliding, make sure you have washed your apple thoroughly in very warm water. This both slightly cooks the skin of your apple and removes all the wax from the apple. The wax is part of what makes the caramel slide off. Also, your technique of using slightly cool caramel is actually what most of the pros do!” —Nora

Thank you, Nora! And thanks also to Holly, who pointed me to this tutorial, which has some great tips for making the caramel apples I’m drooling over in the picture. Also love this great tutorial at One Charming Party.

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