Handmade Holiday Organizer 2014 (updated!)


Holiday-OrganizerMany of you are way more organized than I am.


I’ve begun receiving inquiries about whether I’d be posting a 2014 Holiday Organizer. And so, inspired by you, I managed to put together an updated, and 6th annual (insert triumphant trumpet noises here), free printable

Handmade Holiday Planner, Fully Filled In

Handmade Holiday Planner, Blank

Oh how I love that tingly planning feeling. I can just see falling into place already. Whether all of that will actually happen, we will see.

While you’re planning and organizing, feel free to follow along with me on Pinterest to see all my holiday favorites. Or try out my most popular holiday recipe or some holiday mail that is sure to brighten anyone’s season.

Holiday-Printable-Organizer1This year, if you get started on October 5th with the planner, you’ll have just under 12 full weeks to prepare, and hopefully have a calm and festive holiday, with a few quiet evenings here and there to sit near your tree, admire the twinklie lights, and think on the meaning of this incredible season.


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