Photo Challange: Feet Portraits


Hello, and welcome to this week’s shoot-along post. I’ll be featuring one photo tutorial, photo gift idea, or photo challenge every Wednesday from now through December. Scroll to the bottom of today’s post to see more from the shoot along.

A few years ago, when my daughter was five, she got a hold of our camera while grandma and grandpa were visiting. She went busily around the house taking pictures, and it was not until I got the camera back that I realized what she’d been up to. I scrolled through and found foot portraits of every house occupant and guest. Grandpa’s ankles crossed at the couch, me in my socks at the kitchen sink, my son’s legs dangling over his booster seat beneath the kitchen table.

Feet portraits have been a favorite of ours ever since.

Your challenge is to find a moment this week that you think might be suitable, and go capture every person in your home with a feet portrait. I think you will find them very telling.

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I love these. Taken by this talented woman and found here.

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All this made possible by the lovely Carrie Butler.

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