I Heart Photo Booths


Hello, and welcome to this week’s shoot-along post. I’ll be featuring one photo tutorial, photo gift idea, or photo challenge every Wednesday from now through December. Scroll to the bottom of today’s post to see more from the shoot along.

Want to know my all-time favorite party favor to send home for kids’ parties? Fun, adorable, crazy photos. For my daughter’s bday this year, we made a photo booth out of our front door. The photos turned out adorable.

The key ingredients for a great photo booth? Good lighting and zaney props. That’s about it.

(Don’t miss this DIY version, or go check out how the pros do it.)

how sweet are these girls? from here via here.

this is an all-time fave of mine made by Melanie of You are My Fave

I almost died when I saw this one. how cute is this little guy? see more here.

and one more from Mer Mag to send you on your way.

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All this made possible by the lovely Carrie Butler.

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